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Always wondered why your website does not show in top ten Google Results. Tried and tested lot of SEO services that claim to magically skyrocket your website to glory and ultimate success but end up spamming the internet. Contact us for ethical SEO and we will give you realistic and practical goals.

And just in case you don’t know what SEO is, well you can either read this or take our word that it is some twisting and tweaking in and out of your website that will gradually bring your website in top Google searches. Hence more customers/queries/RFQ’s/whatever you like to call it.



We will get you all over the social media like facebook, linkedin…you know the drill. SMO can be very helpful for you to interact with your customers or potential customers or Fans. Especially when you choose reliable and ethical experts to handle your network. More importantly if you choose Coral Digita to handle handle and spread your social network.



So some disgruntled ex customer is taking against you on the internet. Correcting his perception is your responsibility, but we can help you neutralize your “bad” image on the internet. How do we do it. Well, it’s a long story. Give us a tinkle to know more. Click here to ask



No, it is not just another fancy name for SEO. This is rather a faster way to promote your business on the internet. We will use PPC, SEO, Cost per impression to market and increase your business. So if you are like us, a little impatient and love to see quick results, what are you waiting for. Click here for ultimate awesomeness.



You have a product that you want to sell immediately. Contact us, we will set up a line of online advertisement for you for your TARGETTED audience. Go to sleep. Next morning start selling as if there is no tomorrow.

Just to clarify . Some companies may not want to sell, but gather leads for their own reasons. This works for you as well.

Pay per Click (PPC) is an amazing tool for immediate marketing and most probably you landed on our website through one of our google ads. If not, then we have to reward our SEO team.


Blog Marketing

Need we say more. Blog marketing is just blog marketing. We will set up a blog for your business and if you want we will have expert writers coming on your blog and posting super expert comments or articles. Then we will promote the blog indirectly promoting your business.

We will also interact with your team and help them write articles for the blog. A good company blog is worth a million websites 


Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very important sales tool provided you are not irritating your potential customers with spamming their inboxes. Let us handle your email marketing. We will help you keep a track of people who show interest in your emails as well as people who don’t want to be bothered.

We will then help you find other ways to approach those customers but not at the cost of your emails landing in spam boxes. Right subject + right email content = desired results.


Omniture/Click Trend/ Google Analytics

There is no point in promoting your business online but not knowing the marketing results. These above mentioned Words are actually Analytical tools that help you analyse a vast range of data, like number of people who visited your website, how many showed interest, how many left in a hurry. Are these visitors loyal, which region are they coming from. Which pages are they exiting from and on which page are they spending more time.

We can set up all this for you using the tool of your choice. Not only that, if you want we can have our team analyse and share actionable insights and send to you daily/weekly/monthly in a one page summary. This will obviously help you take informed decisions .

Here is our Analytic expert.


Website Design

There are a lot of websites out there on the world wide web that are just websites. How often do you come across a website that is actually aimed at promoting your business and services clearly and in easy language. A website is a very important business tool and customers usually base their opinion about a company on how their website look.

So you decide the attitude of your company and let us create an interactive website that doubles as a salesman which also highlights your company’s attitude, and your mission.


Banner Design

Banners on your websites not only make your website look attractive but can also summarize your services. You don’t need a flash designer to create a banner, rather an Artist. Imagine your banner is reflecting on different advertising platforms. Wont you want it to look impressive.

Ping our artists to create your banner.



Just like a banner design it is very important that the Brouchers you are distributing to promote your business are not only attractive but also intelligently worded. Our Brouchers are leaflets by the day and salesman by the night. 



Virals work on many levels. Not only they get your customer excited about you but the customers help promote your company by forwarding your viral to their friends. Contact us to get you funny, witty and informative virals that you can spread all over the social media and become the talk of the town.



Have you ever stared on the blank page of a PPT trying to find a way to start your presentation? And then went online to get some inspiration but ended watching cat videos on you tube. We’d say keep watching those cute cat videos or check out some of those AFV’s clippings. Those are hilarious.

While you do all that and send video’s left right centre to all your friends, our experts work on your company presentation that you will present in front of your awestruck colleagues in the morning.

Till today your colleagues thought you know nothing about computers, wait until they see your new swanky and stylish Flash presentation.


Flash Animation

You have an idea. Let us bring it to life. Our Animators will try their best to match your imagination. If you don’t have any idea yet, don’t worry. Our creative team will do that as well. You can request our team to design a animating website, presentation, virals, banners etc.



Our team of experts help you create a brand, not only online but also on TV and Print media. Not only will it help motivate your customers but will also concrete their loyalty.

Our team will understand the needs of your customers and prospects and help you design an effective branding programme.



At coral Digita we take advertising very seriously. We don’t believe is just pasting a few pictures and writing cheesy lines and then scatter them all over the internet. That kind of advertising can backfire.

Our team spends a lot of time researching your customers, your business and then find the most appropriate way to advertise. We take immense pride in giving an excellent ROI on all your advertisements. Unlike other companies we do not rely only on ad designers to come up with an attractive ad, but our ads are planned and placed by business experts.



If you are reading this page, you already know about these technologies. So we won’t go in details on how these can be beneficial for you.

Our web development guys are experts in creating e-commerce based websites. So if you want to become the next big shot in the online selling arena, look no more, you have landed at the right door.

Some of the web technologies we excel and take pride in are